Who We Are

Established in 1979, Independent Search Consultants (ISC) was the first organization to offer professional certification for adoption searchers; it remains the one and only organization to do so. ISC's credential is recognized as the hallmark of caring professionalism, the ultimate in search assistance. ISC, as an organization, is nonprofit and tax exempt and is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of consultants from various areas of the United States. Our consultants form a network adept in search techniques in most states, Canadian provinces and a number of foreign countries.

Our certified consultants live in many states and provinces. They are, without exception, people who care deeply about the sanctity of family and the reunification of family units. All are adoptees, birthparents, or others involved in family separation who care deeply about finding and fitting the essential puzzle pieces back into lives. They offer a view "from the inside out", an invaluable asset for those in search. Each is analytical, creative, direct, ethical and discreet. Each consultant feels strongly his or her professional responsibility, and yet never loses sight of the personal elements involved.

Independent Search Consultants, as an organization, has been a part of the adoption reform movement since its inception. It furnishes speakers for conferences, seminars, and upon occasion hosts its own conference. Individual ISC Consultants participate in the community in a variety of ways; they lead search/support groups; act as court appointed confidential intermediaries; work with social service agencies; and serve on national and regional boards. Some are licensed in their states as private investigators or adoption specialists. Even though the emphasis may seem to be on adoption matters, all are committed to aiding searchers who have been separated from family for any reason.