Independent Search Consultants

Missing a vital piece of your life?
Independent Search Consultants can find it!

We specialize in locating pieces to the puzzle, in reuniting those separated by adoption, divorce, or other family misfortunes.

How Can ISC Help You?

The ISC network is an invaluable team of searchers, each person highly qualified and trained to solve the intricate, perplexing and personal puzzles that beg for resolution. If a particular consultant cannot assist you, he or she will refer you to someone who can, not leave you hanging. Each one cares about your dilemma, far beyond the professional realm—each ISC Consultant offers a view "from the inside." ISC Consultants are certified in specific states, provinces and regions, including a number of foreign countries. They have the knowledge, the contacts and the resources to locate individuals in an expedient manner, sometimes beginning with very limited information. Systematic, creative, honest, inventive, skillful, and proficient—these are just a few of the qualities found among the ranks of ISC Consultants, the qualities that set them apart from many who claim to be "expert locators." To use a familiar phrase, ISC Consultants are the creme de la creme.

Support before, during and after a search can be crucial to some. ISC Consultants consider this an essential element of a search and will advise you every step of the way. They may refer you to a local search and support group, if one is available, to a therapist, if requested, or to someone who has faced the same dilemma or situation. Each consultant is aware that the physical search is only one facet.

If you need help with an individual search, ISC can assist you. If you would like to become an ISC Consultant, we can help with that too! We are always looking to add bright and knowledgeable people to the ISC network.