Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics
Independent Search Consultants

A Search consultant realizes that he/she has moral obligations to the client, to the profession, and to society as well. His/her honesty must be above suspicion, his/her skill and reasoning ability well developed, and his/her competency of the highest degree. Understanding all of this, I make the following commitments:

To the Client—
        I will use all resources available to me to acquire information beneficial to the client.
        I will obtain from the client all information so far assembled, so as to avoid duplication.
        I will keep accurate and complete records of the client's search.
        I will not promise success on any level, but will enter into and carry on the search with every expectation of success.
        I will consider each client's case confidential.
        I will not make any personal contacts other than at the client's specific request and with his permission.
        I will be discreet and will advise the client to use discretion in his search.
        I will remember that the search is the client's.

To the Profession–
        I will not knowingly act in a manner detrimental to the best interests of the profession.
        I will not undertake or advise any illegal acts.
        I will unhesitatingly refer my client to another consultant or other professional when I can no longer be of help to him.
        I will not injure the professional reputation, prospects or practice of another search consultant.
        I will not use my position or influence within an organized adoption search or support group to recruit clients.
        I will not profit excessively due to another person's misfortune or circumstances.

To the Public–
        I will maintain professional integrity at all times.
        I will be aware that search consultation as a profession is relatively new and must earn a reputable name for itself.
        I will remember that the area of adoption search is often a delicate one and must be handled with care and thoughtfulness.

Failure to abide by the ISC Code of Ethics will result in revocation of certification by Independent Search Consultants.

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